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ComfortBilt HP22 Pellet Stove Burgundy


MSRP: $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $1,999.00


Include an Extended Parts Warranty
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Product Description

Our best-selling pellet stove, the ComfortBilt HP22 Burgundy is popular because of its modern appearance, large bay view window, programmable 7 day internal thermostat, and powerful heat output. Its superior engineering and reliability have earned our flagship model consistently great reviews from customers all across the country. The ComfortBilt HP22 Burgundy Pellet Stove features:

  • Certified 50,000 BTU output will heat a 2,800 ft² or more if temperatures are mild
  • EPA and CSA Certified to comply with all federal emissions mandates
  • Heat exchanger design and powerful room blower produce maximum heat from pellets
  • Easy to clean heavy gauge exterior
  • 55 pound hopper capacity; ashes fall automatically into a large removable ash pan
  • Pellets burn so completely that the ash drawer only needs emptying every two weeks
  • Five power settings allow up to 20 hours of continuous burning on lowest setting
  • Programmable thermostat allows constant temperature and economical pellet use
  • Rear mounted 3” standard  exhaust port, and 2” standard air intake
  • Exterior dimensions of unit are 24” wide, 25” deep, and 32.5” high with mounted controller

The HP22 Pellet Stove Burgundy comes with a one-year limited warranty on parts and service.


  • Hopper Capacity: 55lb

27 reviews

Review provided by Home Depot

Posted by Kowlbeanz1021 on July 2, 2020

Best pellet stove I ever owned!!

Review provided by Home Depot

Posted by David on July 2, 2020

Rating provided by a verified purchaser

Review provided by factorypure.com

Posted by MARK P. on July 2, 2020

Fast shipping

Great Pellet Stove!!

Posted by pdsfga10 on May 5, 2020

Shipping was 1 week faster than published to Colorado from the east coast than planned. Very easy to set up. I had it running inside of 30 minutes and it heats my 2,000 sq. ft cottage/greenhouse quite fast keeping everything at 70 degrees even on 11 degree nights. Takes about 5 minutes for the convection fan to start using the TEMP setting. Once the programmed temp is reached, the fan dials back to idle. I have watched the stove go up and down the fan speed settings automatically from 1 to 5 and back keeping the place warm. The hopper lid is about the size I expected. Small but manageable. I scoop pellets from a large container into a smaller bucket for filling as it keeps us from having to lift the bags up ourselves (we are both in our 60s). Burn time as advertised. Next to no smoke so far on the door glass! We have burned 100 bags so far. This is our 3rd stove and we are very pleased with it!! I have read that there is an issue if you need to restart after a power failure. The stove will not allow a restart, if it is shut down rapidly, for 30 minutes. To bypass this all one needs to do is power off then back on the power switch to reset the control box. Simple, really and not an issue.We plane to purchase the fireplace version at a later date.

HP22 Critique

Posted by Olin Kane on April 28, 2020

The stove works great. I had a Whitfield stove for 20 years and my HP22 is a better stove and cost less than the Whitfield. The only complaint I have about the HP22 is the tiny door you have to use to load the pellets in the stove. There is plenty of room on the top of the stove to accommodate a door that is the same size as a bag of pellets.

Karolina Grajzer

Posted by Karolina Grajzer on April 28, 2020

Great stove!!!!!

Not what I expected

Posted by Cedric Richardson on April 28, 2020

Have had a more than a few problems with this product biggest one being that the fire is backing up into the hopper

Great pellet stove so far

Posted by Donald Morris on April 28, 2020

Great pellet stove on payments that are less than store price . Saved 300.00

Pellet stove purchase

Posted by Robin Ward on April 28, 2020

After searching online for the best pellet stove and evaluating them based on features, look and price, we decided to purchase the Comfortbilt HP22 through FactoryPure along with the maintenance agreement.
Overall FactoryPure’s service has been great. Initially we had a small problem when ComfortBilt offices did not receive our order from FactoryPure but oddly enough we received someone else’s shipping notice. However, when I contacted FactoryPure, they were quick to research the situation, correct the order, and follow up with me, right away when it happened and again after the stove shipped. I understand odd things happen but FactoryPure did what was needed to correct the problem as soon as it was brought to their attention.
As for the stove, we just installed it 2 days ago. Overall we are happy with our choice. The features and the heat it puts out are just right for the space we installed it. No problems so far. Hopefully, it will be as worry-free as the pellet stove my parents had for many years.

Very good heat

Posted by william byrd on April 28, 2020

This heater is great only complaint is pellets dont all fall so augger says empty but still plenty of pellets. Would also recommend the hopper extension for longer burn time.

Bad color

Posted by Robert Cushman on April 28, 2020

The stove came haven’t got to try it yet love the looks of the stove the way it is built but my complaint isn’with quality its the color doesn’t look at all like the web photos on the web its looks like a nice metallic apricot color what i received was a light mustered yellow which dosent remotely match anything in the house if you order one expecting apricot u will be very disappointed i am now looking for spraypalnt to paint it what it was supposed to be should have ordered brown would have been alot better then mustered yellow.

Excellent comfortbilt hp22

Posted by mildred king on April 28, 2020

Yes the comfortbilt hp22 red is a 5 star absolute a beauty I recomemd this stove with the highest of rating thanks

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