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ComfortBilt HP22-N Pellet Stove Black


MSRP: $2,999.00 $2,999.00 $2,299.00


Include an Extended Parts Warranty
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Product Description

The newest addition to the ComfortBilt family, the HP22-N Black Pellet Stove has all the same features of our flagship HP22 model, but is taller to accommodate the larger hopper customers love. It’s one of our most powerful pellet stoves, but on the lowest heat setting can burn for up to 36 hours without needing more pellets, perfect for a basement application. With its superior engineering and attractive bay view window, the HP22-N Black is a pellet stove you will enjoy having in your home for years to come. The HP22-N Black Pellet Stove features:

  • Certified 50,000 BTU output will heat a 2,800 ft² or more if temperatures are mild

  • EPA and CSA Certified to comply with all federal emissions mandates

  • Heat exchanger design and powerful room blower produce maximum heat from pellets

  • Easy to clean heavy gauge exterior

  • 80 pound hopper capacity; ashes fall automatically into a large removable ash pan

  • Pellets burn so completely that the ash drawer only needs emptying every two weeks

  • Five power settings allow up to 36 hours of continuous burning on lowest setting

  • Programmable thermostat allows constant temperature and economical pellet use

  • Rear mounted 3” standard  exhaust port, and 2” standard air intake

  • Exterior dimensions of unit are 24” wide, 26” deep, and 40” high with mounted controller

The HP22-N Pellet Stove Black comes with a one-year limited warranty on parts and service.


  • Hopper Capacity: 80lb

15 reviews

Review provided by Home Depot

Posted by Mike on July 2, 2020

Stove works great! Really pumps out some serious heat! Keeps our large hall comfortable!

Review provided by factorypure.com

Posted by Shannon B on July 2, 2020

My husband and I purchased this insert. We had a ghetto dirty fireplace with a dirty brass frame. We were able to pipe the hose and fresh air hose with out any problem. Easy to set up and even better with remote control. It hears our space perfectly and couldn’t have asked for a better product for the money. Shipping was quick!!

Review provided by factorypure.com

Posted by Richard P. on July 2, 2020

I got this stove and installed the stove lit and heated up but room fan didn’t come on call tech they told me what to do and was determined i need new fan. they are sending me one. Other then that stove works well once I get fan installed it will be even better. Im glad I bought this unit glade for 80 pound hopper I recommend buying this unit. Its simple and easy to work on only improvement I recommend is to work off wall thermostat so unit would lite and go off as heat is needed automatically. It Idles when temp is met so this burns a little more fuel.

Review provided by Overstock.com

Posted by OstkUser3746964 on July 2, 2020

We are very pleased with the look and bronze color we chose. We just received it 3 days ago and my husband finished installing it the next day. He had to make some adjustments to our existing outputs but he got it done. It is very easy to start. Just make sure it had the pellets and hit the start button. Turning it off is just as easy. The remote will make it that more convenient. We only have had it s few days but I truly believe this will be a good purchase with no regrets. A main factor in our decision to buy this particular brand was the reviews. It was more positives than a lot of others we researched. Another was the price. I shopped fireplace retailers and the least expensive was $ and that didnt include taxes delivery and set-up. We got this stove for a very ..

Best pellet stove for the buck!

Posted by Mary K. Grizzard on May 5, 2020

After researching many pellet stoves I chose the comfort built HP22N. This is an outstanding product with excellent customer service. It is well made, easy to set up and operate and heats your home beautifully. It is attractive, built to last, belts out heat and is very efficient.

Excellent Pellet Stove

Posted by DK on May 5, 2020

First let me say, I live off grid and a quality pellet stove is essential since that is the main heat source for our 2100′ home. I ordered my unit from Home Depot (same price). Reason for that was I wanted to see it, before I had to accept it. I had sold my old Quadrafire that we paid over 4k for. It had got to a point where it was not reliable. The last year I had the quardrafire I had to buy 2 control boxes at $600 ea. I bought mine back in Sept. 2019, before the season started.

The ComfortBilt is kind of weird in that it doesn’t actually shutoff. But, by using the “weekly” setting, it works just fine. The weekly setting has 4 set times per day. I’ll have it come on from 9-11 PM, then again at 1 AM. I usually get up around 3 Am, so I just set it on “manual” when I get up. Yes it does have 5 het settings. In the “weekly” setting it varies. When it first comes on it might be at 5 (the highest), when the temp reaches it setting it will kick back to 1. I’ll leave it on that on a normal day, until Ive had enough, and turn it back to “weekly” so when night time comes, I’m all set.

Maintenance wise, clean the burn pot twice a week. Once a week clean the glass. Ever 2 weeks I vacuum out the inside. Once a month I’ll dump the ash pot.

Very happy with my purchase.

This is a much better stove

Posted by Alan Ashby on May 5, 2020

I got fed up with my Quadrafire stove had to work on it constantly! This stove is so much easier to work on.

Great stove...but

Posted by EdV on May 5, 2020

Great stove that puts out a lot of heat but there are a few major design flaws. I purchased the HP22-N model that has the built in extended 80 lb hopper capacity so I did not have to worry about babysitting the stove daily.

Design Flaw #1: The stoves hopper design is such that it does not funnel the pellets to the auger properly causing it to run out with 25+lbs of pellets still in the hopper. You likely think this is an exaggeration but look at the picture I included! The stove was shut off for no pellets when I took this picture. I need to constantly babysit and push pellets to the center to prevent this. I have changed to a premium pellet, waxed hopper side walls to help feed, taped all joints that had rivets exposed with aluminum tape, and even built a unit out of PVC that de-dusted the pellets thinking the fines were potentially causing the poor feeding. Unfortunately nothing worked! Now I have a stove that I paid $500 more for to have the extra hopper capacity and I can’t leave the stove alone for more than 12hrs before having to push the pellets to the center. 12hrs with a 80lb hopper running on setting 3! Seems like to get the extra capacity the opted to reduce the side wall lead in angle so the pellets pile up on the side walls and do not slide or fall towards the center. When I talked to Comfort Bilt they told its designed to have approx 5 lbs of pellets left in the hopper before shutting down. Obviously I call BS on that one, just look at the picture and you tell me if that is 5lbs.

Design Flaw #2- The door to fill the hopper is ridiculously small. It measures 5.5in front to back and 11.5in wide side to side. Not sure why the door is that small because the size of the stove would allow a door three times the size of that. If you are like me and like to feed the hopper right from the bag be prepared to make a mess.

In summary, I can live with the small door since that improvement is a “nice to have” but the extended 80lb hopper that is “supposed” to run for 2-3 days without intervention that instead shuts down for “no pellets” in a half day is a deal breaker for me. Especially knowing I spent the extra money to get that feature to not have to babysit is the killer. I waited a while to leave this review hoping I would find a solution to the hopper feeding but have come up empty which has led me to believe it is a design flaw that I guess I need to live with. Also, the user manual is a waste of time if you need to refer to it as it is typo after typo with 3-4 words all jumbled together all throughout the manual…guess proof reading was not in scope? Watch the youtube videos and you will be much better off. On a positive note, the stove throws great heat, is easy to clean, and is fairly quite. Don’t waste the extra money on the HP22 N extended hopper model.


Posted by bwl on May 5, 2020

I ordered this stove a few weeks ago and it arrived quickly after 7 days. Considering it was shipped across country I’d say that’s very reasonable.

DESIGN: 8/10

The design of this stove is REALLY nice. It is stout. It’s not cheap or flimsy by any means. It weighs around 320 lbs so be aware of that. You’ll need a buddy to help you move it. It did weigh less than the wood stove that it replaced, so after moving the wood stove, this pellet stove didn’t seem that bad. My dad and I moved it in the house with a hand truck. If you’re moving it up stairs you’ll need at least three big guys.

The look of it is amazing. The bay window is beautiful and the angular design looks really nice. It’s a mix of industrial and modern. This stove would look good and command attention anywhere from a cabin to a new modern home.

Works very good

Posted by Bill Hanks on April 29, 2020

This stove is easy to set up, and really puts out the heat. Simple to operate.


Posted by lucas on April 29, 2020

i will submit my review after its up and running n a month or so

ordering shipping

Posted by denise harris on April 29, 2020

The customer service people were great I had a lot of questions..Shipping was great also..We haven’t tried the stove yet still getting the pipes in..from the looks of it it does seem well made..will let you know what we think of the stove once it’s up and running

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